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No toilet paper wedding dresses, please

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shortly after we started telling people we were getting married, I had offers from friends to throw bridal showers.  As someone who has thrown my fair share of bridal showers, I suddenly realized that there was indeed something about weddings that I hated more than the wedding itself: the bridal shower.

At first I vehemently refused to allow it, despite so many kind, generous people offering to throw one.  I know I sound ungrateful and rude, and maybe that's true.  But the thought of enduring hours of toilet paper wedding dresses and various phallic shaped party favors transcended all possible levels of patience I possess.

Then my mom found out I was being so rude and read me the riot act.  It's funny how moms can still have that effect on you.  I was immediately transported back to 7th grade and I was mortified at my own behavior.  I was raised better than that.  In so many words she informed me that indeed I would be attending whatever function my devoted friends wanted to drag me to, and I was going to like it.  Nay, I would revel in it.  And that's how that was going to go.  Period.  New paragraph.

I explained that it had nothing to do with my friends, and that I loved them all dearly, and even admitted how embarrassed I was that people were making such a fuss over this whole thing.  Plus, I hate the idea of my friends spending money on something as silly as a shower.

Then she pulled out the big guns.

Mom's famous last words in every argument since the beginning of my existence: "that wasn't one of your options".  She informed me that I am an anomaly, and that most women actually enjoy throwing their friends bridal showers.  I suspected otherwise, but I didn't argue.  I was going to shut up, go to that shower, and I was going to love it.

Now, if you're still reading this it means that you haven't written me off as a spoiled, self centered, ungrateful cur.  I'm not.  Not usually, anyway.  I'm shy, and I hate being fussed over.  I'm a much better fusser than a fussee.

Is that a word?

Anyway, I did as my mother instructed and I shut my mouth and accepted the lovely offer form my coworker to throw me a shower.  This coworker who offered to throw the shower is so much more than a coworker to me.  She is one of my very favorite people, and I know she doesn't even know the extent to which she fills an important void for me.  I could never say no to her.  Besides, the last time a coworker got married, we all met in one of the conference rooms at the office and ordered a cake.  I figured there could be no harm in that, and maybe a handful of my friends from work would show up.  I could totally do that.

Then she gave me the invitation.  Which at first I thought was weird, since I assumed we'd be having it at the office.  But no, she was having it at her house!  Which is about 20 minutes away from the office!  That's when the panic started to set in.  What if no one came?   She would have gone through all this trouble for a party of 5.  I love my coworkers, don't get me wrong, but I sincerely doubted any of them loved me enough to come to a bridal shower.

I was so very, very wrong.  There were so many people there I had to keep double checking my thank-you-note list to make sure I didn't leave anyone off.  I was so totally blown away by everyone that came!  Never in a million, bazillion years would I have expected a turnout like that.  It made me all emotional!!

Not only did they all come, but they compiled 4 CDs worth of music for the wedding (which was so unbelievably awesome because I may or may not have been putting that off with only a month left to go.  Eh hem...), and they got us Home Depot gift cards which we will be putting to excellent use and posting pictures here.

My friend explained that she feels the same way I do about traditional bridal shower activities and games - that they're ridiculous and humiliating - so she concocted an activity of sheer brilliance.  She also said that she is a bad loser and knew she would be mad if she didn't win the games.  See?  Amazing friends!!

They made me and the bridal party hats to wear at the wedding.  These hats are so supremely spectacular, achieving levels of awesome I can't even begin to describe with words, that I won't even try.  I will post pictures after the wedding.  But for now I will leave you with this: there were condoms and birds and feathers involved.  And paper plate pasties.

Oh yes.  I have the best friends in the whole world.

Thanks, ladies!!

My Pink Bicycle

Sunday, September 4, 2011

This bicycle was a birthday present from MacGyver.  I love everything about this bicycle.  I got the basket with the illusion that I would be able to ride around with my dog in the front.  Because he's so well behaved, he'd just sit in the basket and enjoy the ride.

That didn't end well.

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